Hawaiian Husky

Organic Shave Ice

Favorite Combinations:

Beach Ball:  banana, orange, cherry vanilla syrup topped with fresh fruit

Sunset Beach: mango, passion fruit & orange syrup topped with fruit poppers and mini mochi

Mahalo: lavender & black cherry syrup topped with mini mochi and fresh fruit

Café Leche: coffee & leche syrup topped with mini mochi, snow cap, caramel drizzle

Root Beer Float: root beer & vanilla syrup topped with mini mocha and snow cap

Creamsicle: vanilla & orange syrup topped with snow cap and mini mochi

Almond eNjoy: chocolate, coconut & almond syrup with coconut pudding and toasted coconut

Pina Colada: pineapple & coconut syrup topped with snow cap and toasted coconut

Volcano:  chocolate, orange & almond with mini mochi

Banana Split: banana, strawberrychocolate syrup with fresh banana and strawberries

Create Your Own

Kiddie Cup


Additional proposed menu items (seasonal)

Mochi Ice Cream: red bean, kona coffee, green tea, black sesame, mango, vanilla

Organic Hawaiian Rip Curl (slush): (flavor will vary: pink lemonade, orange, black cherry, chocolate, root beer, pina colada)

 Alaskan Organic Hot Chocolate:
(available plain or with organic flavors: coconut, banana, mint, candy cane, black cherry, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, almond, pistachio, macadamia nut, leche)

NY Egg Cream (organic):
chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange, black cherry