Delicious.  Refreshing.  Natural.

What is Hawaiian Shave Ice? Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based treat made by thinly shaving a solid block of ice with a special machine.   Shaving produces a very fine ice that appears snow-like.  Flavored syrups are added to the ice, which are absorbed by the ice instead of surrounding it as with a snow cone.  Even though it is made with shaved ice, it is called "shave ice” in Hawaii.  

Our Hawaiian Shave Ice is made in a wide variety of all natural, organic flavors.  We also offer many add-ons such as fresh fruit, snow cap, fruity poppers, mini mochi balls, tapioca pearls, haupia and more all natural goodies. It is enjoyed by all ages!! There is nothing better on a hot summer day than Hawaiian Husky's Shave Ice!!